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Cancer and Aging

November 7–10, 2019

Chaired By

 Steve Artandi, MD, PhD of Stanford University
 Marcia Haigis, PhD of Harvard Medical School

Meeting Description

In human adults, cancer is inextricably linked to the aging process. The incidence of most cancers increases exponentially beginning in the fifth and sixth decades of life. Diverse aspects of human aging have been proposed to contribute to this link between aging and cancer. New molecular insights into both the causes of human aging and the causes of human cancer provide an opportunity for a critical exchange of ideas between leaders in these two fields. Many stress and nutrient signaling pathways, including mTOR, RAS/Map Kinase transduction, p53 responses, insulin/growth factors, and cellular senescence regulate healthspan and lifespan, as well as cancer. DNA mutations, damage to DNA, and alterations in chromatin are emerging as a common hallmark of both normal human aging and drive evolution of premalignant clones. Genetic analyses of centenarians and cancer-prone populations have resulted in a plethora of new information relevant for healthy aging and cancer prevention. We will also discuss recent findings regarding small molecule interventions, diet, and caloric intake on longevity, healthy lifespan, and tumorigenesis. This meeting will enable a highly interactive exchange focused on the emerging intersection between the aging and cancer fields.

Meeting Summary
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Forum Participants

Cory T. Abate-Shen, PhD
Columbia University

Steve Artandi, MD, PhD
Stanford University

Nir Barzilai
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Issam Ben-Sahra
Northwestern University
 Forbeck Scholar

John Blenis
Meyer Cancer Center

Anne Brunet, PhD
Stanford University

Peter Campbell, PhD
Wellcome Sanger Institute

Judith Campisi, PhD
The Buck Institute for Research

Navdeep Chandel, PhD
Northwestern University

Rafa de Cabo, PhD
National Institutes of Health

Mark Febbraio
Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Elaine Fuchs
Rockefeller University

Marcia Haigis, PhD
Harvard Medical School

Takahiro Ito, PhD
Broad Institute
 Forbeck Scholar

Jan Karlseder, PhD
The Salk Institute

Scott Lowe, PhD
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Mitchell Machiela, ScD, MPH
National Cancer Institute
 Forbeck Scholar

Brendan D. Manning, PhD
Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health

Raul Mostoslavsky, MD, PhD
Harvard University

Daniel Promislow, PhD
University of Washington

Karen Vousden, PhD
The Francis Crick Institute

Elma Zaganjor, PhD
Harvard Medical School
 Forbeck Scholar

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