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Tumor Invasion and Metastasis

February 4–7, 1999

Chaired By

 Arnold I. Freeman, MD of Hadassah University
 Israel Vlodavsky of Tumor Biology Research Institute

Meeting Description

Understanding how malignant tumor cells are able to spread from the primary tumor to form secondary tumors at other sites in the body is one of the major goals of cancer research. To metastasize successfully, cancer cells have to detach from their original location, invade a blood or lymphatic vessel, travel in the circulation to a distant site, and establish a new cellular colony. At any one of these steps, they must escape many controls that, in effect, keep normal cells in place. This meeting is to be followed by a half-day session at Hebrew University open to the entire scientific community, with presentations by some of the Forum speakers.

Meeting Summary

Quotes from Participants
“The Forbeck Focus meeting on invasion and metastases organized in Israel by Arnold Freeman and Yisrael Vlodovsky was outstanding. The new information and discussions were exactly what a Forbeck Forum should be.”
- Isiah J. Fidler, DVM, Ph.D., MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

The diversity of topics covered and the broad spectrum of experts was a blessing (as opposed to a group very restricted in focus). I established several collaborations and was stimulated to initiate several novel experiments, directly as a result of this meeting.”
- Shmuel Ben-Sasson, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

“The conference on ‘Tumor Cell Invasion and Metastases’ in Israel … was the first Forbeck Forum that I have attended, and it was a very valuable and rewarding experience. Laboratory scientists mostly deal with abstract aspects of oncology at the molecular and cellular level. This was an excellent opportunity for us to be reminded of the clinical problems and human dimensions of cancer. The fresh young face of William Forbeck is with me still, and a new inspiration to my work. The Focus meeting was an extremely good way to meet with scientists and clinicians from all around the world, all with specialist interest in metastases – the most devastating aspect of most cancers. Cancer is a global problem, and although we often look to our American colleagues to take the lead in this research, there are also many excellent scientists in other continents. Your new ‘think tank’ initiative recognizes this, and the enlightened program is a refreshing and valuable alternative to the mega-meetings we most often attend. I truly believe that most new ideas and collaborations come from such small, informal meetings where there is less pressure to ‘perform’ for a large audience.”
- Suzanne Eccles, Ph.D., The Institute of Cancer Research, London, England

Forum Participants

Arnold I. Freeman, MD
Hadassah University

Isreal Vlodavsky
Tumor Biology Research Institute