All meetings are proceeding as scheuled and participants must be vaccinated and arrive with a recent negative COVID test to attend. Learn More


Please familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures for travel. We truly appreciate you taking the time to participate in this meeting. As you make your plans please remember that we are a nonprofit organization dependent on donations and volunteers so we do NOT pay for upgrades, change fees, incurred costs resulting from a flight change or incidentals.


  • You will receive a travel allowance in your meeting packet based on average flight fares 6 months prior to the meeting.
  • Flights must be booked at least 30 days prior to the meeting to confirm your accommodations and airport transfer.
  • Travel Allowance will not be increased due to late booking or changes.
  • Participants MUST provide the Foundation with copies of travel receipts to receive the travel allowance, otherwise the Foundation must report amounts of $600 or more to the US Internal Revenue on a 1099 Form.
  • We do not cover the home side airport transfer.


See your meeting packet for your specific meeting's airport pick up and departure schedule.

ARRIVE by Thursday at 3PM

DEPARTURES Sunday at 8AM and 10 AM to airport.

*Any other arrival times must be arranged and paid for by individual.
*You are welcome to arrive on Wednesday.